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I bought a wristlet back in march and welp in June the zipper part came off. So I sent them an email they were very prompt to send me the email page for the order form so I can send in my item and it was under warrenty. I filled it out and sent it back. Nothing. For almost a *** month. I finally called customer service and the lady took my email and NEVER EMAILED ME BACK. I waited another two days before I had to email them again and I got the... Read more

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I hugely surprised how bad Micheal Kors treating their customers! I had very bad experience at one of Micheal kors stores in Boston Ma ; Copley Place and decided to inform their head office and so I called their customer services to make a complaint. they promised me to dealt with the issue and said one of their managers will call me withing 3-5 working day. however, after nearly 3 weeks , I had an email from the same store that I had a... Read more

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J'ai acheté de belles scandales en juillet, je les ai portées 5 fois et elles ont toutes perdu leur couleur or !!!!!!! De plus, j'avais acheté le maudit produit pour la couleur ! Achetez pour le nom pour montrer que vous avez assez d'argent pour acheter un produit de luxe mais sachez que cela ne fait que montrer que vous n'êtes juste pas assez riche pour acheter une marque de qualité. On remarque justement que les prix sont très élevés et que... Read more

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I purchased a hand bag Nov. 2015, and after trying to fit my 'stuff' into it found it to be too small. Tried to return it and was told I could not return but get a gift card.....What!! no one told's on your receipt.....I was not too happy...buyer beware? I took the gift card as I had no choice....and tried 2 more times to buy a suitable hand bag...each time increasing the value by about $30.....dumb....I have contact cx service... Read more

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to leave this message - if it's not, can you please pass it along to the appropriate manager? I had gone into the Michael Kors store at the Aurora Outlet Mall about a month ago because I had a rip in the strap of my bag. Jill (the manager at the time) said she would try and find a new strap for me and would call me back. I never heard from her. I went back into the store on Sunday, 8/7, and spoke with... Read more

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I cannot get frames adjusted to hold the adjustment. They go back to factory adjustment. WORST FRAMES IN 40 YEARS!!!!!!!!! Can't get anyone to listen even after 15 adjustments in less than a 1 year. Will actively campaign against Michael Kors and Lens Craters for years if this is not resolved in the net few days.

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I'm a huge fan of MK but for the last 4 years all of his stuff scratches too easy and is not worth the amount he demands. The $375 watch that i bought should not be so easy scratable and the watch I paid almost $400 for should not scratch as easy as it does, he is pawning off cheap jelewry for high prices that doesnt match class that he thinks his name speaks. Michael Khors your produucts are cheap including your shoes and your watches... Read more

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Michael Kors Romy Crossbody Bag Review from Valencia, California
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Bought the MK Romy Crossbody bag online via the MK site in late May 2016, within 7 weeks, after carrying the bag maybe a total of 20 times in that period (it was not an everyday bag) the Crossbody strap just broke. The Leather simply tore, not even at the sewn section. See pictures! I sent it in to MK under the warranty. At first they wanted me to pay to ship the bag to them. I was floored at that suggestion and they ended up sending me a... Read more

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All Michael Kors products I have given my wife as a gift have all ended in a very poor condition within 6 months, My wife is one of the most careful people I have ever met and even known bad quality products from other brands (like Zara for example) last much longer than her Michael Kors products. It's a shame, I'm never ever going to buy anything else Michael Kors. This applies for both bags and watches. The customer service is really bad, they... Read more

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I bought a shoes so bad quality

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