Panama City, Florida
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I am having a problem with the handles on my MK bag that is only a few months old. I have not used it everyday, and I expected the handles to hold up, considering the price I paid.

This is the second time this has happened with two different bags. I have finally learned my lesson, not to purchase another MK bag. It is embarrassing to carry the bag on my should with the straps all frayed out.

I like the bag but not the embarrassing straps.

It looks like a knock off from the streets.

Product or Service Mentioned: Michael Kors Handbag.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

  • Inferior Quality Merchandise
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I totally agree! I bought two and both of them are doing the same thing.

I will never buy another MK product. Very poor quality!


Mine too. Why don't they sell replacement straps?

My Voyager East West has straps that just buckle on. (Probably knew they'd have a problem down the road.)


Same here, the purse is fine but the straps fell apart fairly quick >( Won't be purchasing from them again


Ditto. Bag is in perfect condition. Straps are an embarrassment


Same problem. I am done with Michael Kors!


I agree. Never again! They do not last.


My MK bag is doing the same thing. They say you get what you pay for...I didn't pay for this!


Michael Kors has a 2 year warranty and I’ve siwats found them more than happy to fix or replace grating handles. 2 years is a pretty good deal.




Yes. Extremely upset with MK!

Mine started fraying within a few months of purchase.

I've been searching for replacement straps and to find replacement ones that aren't too wide or short. I will never buy a purse from them again!


I have 4 Michael Kors bags with all of straps falling apart not even several months of used and they are all handled with care. I bought one MK bag on sale for $115.

After 3 months of used the straps were fraying. I went to an MK store with receipt proof of purchase and they told me they will ship it to their company for repair estimate. After Less than 2 weeks they called me that it will cost me $75 to repair the frayed straps. So I said no and screw MK.

I will never buy MK purses. Coach handbags doesn’t do that.


I’ve had my purse a couple years and one of my straps is falling apart. So I’m with the rest of you. This will be my last MK purse.


I agree. I'm going through the same thing and the company is not standing behind their product. I'm very disappointed.


I too have frayed straps on my lightly used Michael Kors Handbag. The straps would be easily replaced if only Michael Kors offered replacements.

The rest of the bag is perfect. I will never buy another Michael Kors handbag again.

The same thing has happened to several friends. Michael Kors does not stand behind its handbags and does not deserve my business!


I too have had my Michael khors whitney purse for less then 6 months and the straps are fraying. I called them today and I have to send it back for them either to fix or replace.

I am just disappointed that I have to pay the shipping fees.

It is not even my fault. They should send a prepaid shipping label.


I have had the same experience with an expensive Michael Kors bag. Cracked and frayed handles appeared after approximately nine months of use! Will not purchase another Michael Kors product!!


I have had the same experience with two purses that I really like. It is so sad that the company does not offer a variable solution.


I also have a frayed handle with no resolution from either the store or their terrible customer service. Won’t be purchasing any of their products again.


I also have a bad the straps are fraying and it's under a year old!


I have 2 bags that I love very much but both bags have straps that are baaad! I've contacted and they won't do or suggest anything to fix.

Terrible! Will NEVER buy another MK bag! Coach will take care of your bag forever. They will clean them for free!!!

MK instructs you to purchase their leather cleaner! No.