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This Vanilla Grayson bag is only about 6 months old tops. The black "piping" trim on both handles has seperated from the leather.

The stiching and leather also fraying. I had a Hamilton and the gold paint on the lock fob chipped off very soon as well. Just not as durable quality anymore. Sad because was a big fan but paying near $300 for this to happen so fast is absurd to me.

I should have had handles professionally repaired but being impatient, I thought it would be a simple DIY repair ...well looks awful. Very sad.

Is this common? I saw another post same issue!

Product or Service Mentioned: Michael Kors Handbag.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My Michael Kors purses straps frayed and they would not replace them. This bag has been very lightly used.

I will never buy a Michael Kors purse again. The do not use straps that wear well. The straps could be easily replaced because they attach like a belt buckle, but Michael Kors will not replace them and instead gave me the name of a repair shop. I offered to buy them, but Michael Kors will not allow the shop to sell them unless I mail the bag and then the straps will cost $75 plus shipping and handling.

Michael Kors can trick me once, but they will not trick me twice. I will close my eyes everytime I pass a Michael Kors shop!


We will not be purchasing any Michael Kors products anymore. We have had three purses and all have been inferior and tore up before the first year.

These last two, one lost the black trim on the edge of the handles within a couple of months. My daughter's purse is a month old and a screw fell out of the handle and the handle broke. It is ridiculous to pay this kind of money for inferior products and I will not do it again.

As a matter of fact, I will tell anyone that will listen not to buy their products. I hope their company goes under soon, because that is what should happen to a company that cares so little about making a decent product and cares even less about their customers.


I have had the same problem with my Michael Kors bag. The leather handles frayed within one year of owning the bag and then the replacement handles have frayed.

Since the bag is now out of warranty they don't care that the replacement handles were just as substandard as the originals. I don't expect this from a 350.00 bag.

@Zoe Alexis

Good to know about the bad quality! I wont buy MK ever because of constant blatant rude remarks at me (to leave, to never come bk..) by a mgr (MIchael) who did not want to do a return-but I had the item & recpt good for 30 days) Prior store mgr & clerk attitudes are unhelpful, arrogant, unknowledgeable, & will say anything OR wont tell you even if you ask) This brand is over saturated with over priced junk and horrible CS.

Store asst mgr refused to give Distr. Mgr. name (yet I got from another st. mgr luckily) Distr Mgr Beau also had attiude.

MK is over saturated with China made junk.

I once spent $120 on Coach purse in '96 & it came apart wi/1 yr. Opened my eyes!