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It makes me upset when “designer” brands have such bad customer service. It really makes you feel like they don’t stand behind their products and make you wonder how “high end” they actually are.

I got a winter coat as a Christmas gift.

To “freshen it up” I threw it in the dryer with some dryer sheets for literally 3 minutes. When it came out the hood fur was burnt. My fault for not reading the care tag but seriously it was only a few minutes. It looks so bad now and I feel embarrassed wearing it.

I sent several emails to MK customer service which were ignored, and then finally called. The person on the phone directed me to call another company which they suggest for repairs. The repair company said it wasn’t something they could fix. I called MK again and they asked me to send photos.

I did that and got a response that it’s not covered by their warranty. Well of course it’s not. I just want a new hood. I’ll even pay for it.

But they don’t sell the hood separate. I mentioned how people can see how ugly the coat is and that it has their logo on it. They didn’t care. You’d think they would realize people would see this and think, “guess I won’t get MK jackets, look at that ugly hood fur!” But they don’t care one bit.

I won’t buy from a company that cares this little about their products.

You spend $300 on a jacket, how about some customer service to go with that?

Might as well have bought a no name for $50! They look the same !

Product or Service Mentioned: Michael Kors Coat.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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