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On May 29, 2015 @ around 8:40 pm I went to Michael Kors outlet in Crossiron Mall in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I purchased a handbag for my mother's birthday (receipt included). While leaving the store, I thought that I would buy her matching wallet as well. So I liked 1 wallet a went up to the register to pay for it.

When I picked up the wallet, the price it was under was $119 (picture enclosed) but when I went to pay for it, it rang up for $139. I asked what was the reason for it. The lady at the counter said that that's what the price is. I politely asked if they would honor the price that they are displaying and advertising, by then this girl (Laura or Lauren) very aggressively came up to the register leaving behind what she was doing and said that "it doesn't matter what we display we only honor the price tag that is inside the wallet as we get thousands of customers who come to the store and switch tags around." My friend told her that usually companies would honor what they display or advertise as it is a negligence on your part and that blaming customers, who actually give you business, is not good and is not a part of good customer service. 

Further, in return she said that "may I know WHO YOU ARE. AND WHERE ARE YOU FROM", which was so totally out of context and racial. While saying all that she was getting even more aggressive. Please see the video in your store and you will know what I am talking about. 

I said I will buy the wallet and also I would like the number of the head office and her name. To which, she replied "may I know why u wanna call head office and I am not legally obligated to give my name". I said I asked as you are representing Michael Kors and after spending money in the store we don't deserve to be insulted like this also we were trying to buy more stuff and give you business. Plus you had passed a racist comment by asking where we were from. At this moment my friend told her he was a lawyer and she was totally out of line, instead of apologizing she had the audacity to call security on us.

As an employee she had no right to judge our nationality or ask personal questions. On that she said "u are calling me racist, leave the store right now or I will call cops." We said that she could go ahead and call anyone she feels like. So she calls security on us.

If this is not discrimination and racial, what is? 

After losing my patience, I thought of recording what was going on. When the security showed up and she realized that I was recording, she changed her earlier statement and said that she was just wondering about the law firm that my friend represents. Who is she to ask all those personal questions anyway. We were there to make a purchase, and not give out our personal details. This lady is a complete liar who got scared and completely turned around.

This is not the first time I was making a purchase from Michael Kors. I have been a long time customer. I always buy stuff for myself and give gifts as well, like in this case. After spending so much money if this is how I will be treated then I would rather take my money and business somewhere else and I am sure it will be much appreciated and I will be treated with much respect and would not be reminded of my skin color.

So basically I paid money to the Michael Kors to get humiliated and insulted. All I was trying to do is make another purchase and give you guys more business which obviously didn't happen due to the attitude I was getting from the employees. Also what kind of policy is this that employees will not give out their name and the phone number of the head office when you want to complain about them.

My friend and myself have taken this very seriously as we didn't go to law school to get treated like the way we were. 

Having said all that, we also know eventually it will be vicariously liability. We are not going to take this lightly as more then 5 witnesses witnessed the episode and we have all recorded. However, we would like to know before we proceed or take any action as we love Michael Kors, is it your training, which we doubt, if not, how will you deal with it.

This should not have happened and will not happen again, I assure you that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Michael Kors Handbag.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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sorry but this sounds like a fake MK store :( Hope you didn't buy anything there and if so u should check make sure its real.

On top, the way you were treated was terrible!!!!


If it had said $119 on the price tag of the wallet, I would say the store is wrong.

If it said $119 on the display case with other wallets, I would say you made a big deal out of nothing. Customers sometimes put items they no longer want to buy in random places.

Should've just said you don't want the wallet anymore and walked away. Making a scene is just ***.


As someone who has worked retail my best advice as a shopper and a sales clerk is when you ring an item up & the final price is not what they believed it should be then you have an obligation to do a price check. If the item was misplaced then there should not be numerous of the same item on the shelf/in the bin etc.

Store policies on misplaced items (due to customers moving items instead of returning them once they changed their mind) varies. But if the item is obviously from say a bin (multiple available of same item) & the signage is different from what it rings up as in final form (after the total as some register programs take the discount after the cashier hits total or coupons) then most stores will appologize for the inconvenience of the customer and honor the price of the signage. If it is wrongly priced they then have an employee change the signage a.s.a.p. to correct it before any other customers check out with the same item & resulting in loss of earnings.

If ever worried do take a photo of the item where you find it & the signage. That way at least you have proof.

The customer service this person recieved in any scenario is horrible. Sorry that they had to be treated that way.


Asking someone where they're from is racist? Good lord, either pay the price or say thank you and walk away. Also, if you can afford a MK purse AND a wallet and can afford law school, haggling over $20 bucks make you look like a fool.


The extra money is not the point. The fact that it's signed $119 and they wouldn't honor the price is false advertisement....

You are obviously a MK employee... Get over yourself!


It's not false advertising unless the tag itself read $119. Learn to shop, dear.


My beautiful watch glass broke three days after I purchase it. I can't believe such an expensive watch can break that easily.


That is what happens when parents give children expensive things before they are old enough to take care of them. It is a shame, but more of lack of judgement from your parents than anything.


No its because Michael Kor's watches are trash. Keep it on you're dresser and never wear it and it will be the best longest lasting most durable watch ever. Looks beautiful up there don't it hahahahahahah