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I am writing to express my concerns about a recent incident I experienced at your store. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that I received extremely poor customer service during my last shopping at your Michael Kors store in (Upper Canada Mall, Newmarket, Ontario) that took place on December 21st, 2017.

I bought a smartwatch (December 21st, 2017), used it twice, and within the first week I found a scratch on it even though the plastics were still on it. I went to the store the day after and the sales associates said they could not help me. They told me I have to wait for the manager. I waited for an hour and half for the manager and it only took her less than five minute to listen to my concern and to then give me phone number and an email address to contact Michael Kors.

The worst thing they said was that, “when you have it on your wrist it can happen, smartwatches are sensitive, and the warranty does not cover this damage”. I paid $750 for this and it was already damaged within the first week. After I talked to the store manager and they had them tell me they couldn’t help me out, I decided to email the email address the store manager gave me.

I emailed them three times, waited 2-3 weeks for them to reply, and I finally got one but they emailed me saying that I have to contact Fossil since they are the ones providing MK smart watches. I emailed the Fossil email address that MK gave me. I received no response from them until two weeks later. They responded back telling me that they can’t help me since my watch is from MK not Fossil. Then I decided to use the Michael Kors chat service online to find a solution for my situation. Through the chat service I talked to a representative named Florence. She said that since my case is a unique case, she has to take it to her supervisor and get back to me in 2-3 business days. It ended up being a week long of no response. I chatted with another representative, Keith, and finally he was the one who said he can send me a return label with Canada Post and I have to send them my watch with a copy of the receipt so they can refund me the full money. I proceeded to do so.

After three weeks of not hearing from MK, I called 3 times, talked to three different representatives, and they couldn’t even find my watch. They had no idea where my watch was and could not find it. I called for the fourth time and a lady by the name of Claris answered the phone. She was able to finally find my watch in your warehouse and was even surprised why my watch was there. So she told me that they had sent my watch to a wrong location. She told me that they had received my watch on March 8th, and it was the end of March when I called and followed up. She asked me about all the details about the watch, when I bought it, what was wrong with it, my name, email, and all the information she could and told me she is going to follow up but I have to wait for another 2-3 business days. I asked her if she is actually going to call me, since I had been waiting for more than three months to get a refund of my watch. She said she would definitely give me a call. Fortunately she did give me a call two days after, but all she said was that she is not able to do anything except gift card an amount of $750.

I am not only upset about all the waiting I had to do to get here, but also the fact that the only solution she had was to give me a gift card of $750. I of course did not accept because I don't want a gift card from MK, I want my money back! I asked to speak to their supervisor and she responded with I will give you a call. It is up until today, May 6th, that I have not received any emails, messages nor any calls from MK and I have given my watch back and you haven’t sent me anything. So basically I have wasted and put $750 in garbage.

Under normal circumstances, I would simply return this item to the store, but I was told that this is not an option, since the item was already bought and worn, and I had to deal with customer service. Well, of course the item had already been used, as there would be no other way for me to learn that it was defective! As I stated previously, I have come to expect much more from your products and, therefore, this has been very upsetting for me. If you wish to return to the top of this industry, you will definitely have to improve the quality of your products and customer service, as this simply will not cut it in the future.

Now, Its been two seven months, they did not send me my money back, and they still have the watch. They only thing they did they offered me a gift card, I accepted the gift card, it been two months I'm waiting for my gift card and whoever I call and talk they tell me to wait ill receive an email within 73 hours but I don't.

I have many many screenshots from the conversations I had with different customer service people and everyones of them says something different and are trying to postpone my service as much as they can and they are successful because its been y months.

I do not believe that I am asking for much in return for my time and effort. All I want is my money back since you have already have the watch. I do not feel that I am being unreasonable with my request.

I was appalled at such behaviour and have a good mind to take my business elsewhere from now on. I hope you would look into the matter, and make sure such an incident is not repeated. Your company has been known to provide good services, and such events tarnish the company name, so please address this issue soon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Michael Kors Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $720.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Michael Kors Cons: Poor customer service people, Lack of concern and service, Rude customer service, Lack of follow up.

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