Woodbine, Maryland
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First time I visited a Michael Kors Outlet store in Hanover MD and this will be the last time. Purchased 2 wristlets since I could not decide which one to give my niece.

Went to return the other one a few days later after Christmas. Walked in the store and was greeted. Told the sales clerk at the front door that I had a return. She said "Okay, the line forms here." Waited over 1 hour in the line only to be told by the counter cashier that they do not accept returns." I told her I never heard of this and they did not tell me this when I purchased it.

She said, "well, it's on the back of your receipt!" And she pointed to a very small print square sign on the counter which I could not even read. I said, all the other stores in this mall accept returns, like the Coach Outlet Store." She said, "Oh well, we're not Coach." The manager or asst manager came over and told me, "No returns." I told them I was never informed and this will be the last time I ever buy from them again. Very rude at register and rude management. Only the clerks on the floor were smiling to get a sale but they will never tell you that all sales are final.

"Very very poor business". Do not recommend buying from their outlet stores.

Reason of review: no returns and poor customer service management.

Monetary Loss: $52.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Never shop at Michael Kors outlet again. It’s a scam.

The register is very rude when you tries to make a return.

They gave me all kind of excuses to prevent you from returning by saying oh your bag is not in salable condition even though you have a tag on it and accompany with an original receipt. They said your item is over a month without looking at my receipt which I purchase a week ago


I bought a $500 purse from Dillards and in less then a year it started falling apart. I contacted Michael Kors and they told me they would not replace it if I had it longer then a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$500 Purse ripping at the seems in about 8 months!!!!!!! I will never buy a Michael Kors produce again.


Just had this experience today. I paid 175.09 for purse last night.

The store manager assisted me the whole time and not one time during checkout did they mention I couldn't return item.. I was furious today when trying to return.?


I agree the same in Australia it is risky to by Michael kors here


I had same experience a few days ago. Salesman published receipt and wrote final sale on it.

It was like a sales trick.

MK store should change their ways of sales. Suck!!!!


It was MK store Guam in outrigger hotel.


Exact same thing happened to me. They should inform before the purchase.

Otherwise you have to purchase to be able to look at receipt for return policy.

They should be investigated. I thought everyone had to give a 3 day return.


Ask about return policy first before buying next time.


The standard return policy at the Michael Kors outlet is 30 days to exchange for merchandise or for a store credit. No refunds.

However CLEARANCE items are a final sale. The store credit can be used online as well as the lifestyle stores, and doesn't expire for five years. It's a very reasonable policy.

Especially when it's posted at the registers and is printed on the receipt. They are not required to verbally tell you the policy; it is the buyer's responsibility to learn it.


Thid is ridiculous. The responsibility is not on the buyer to know or learn the policy.

A responsible merchant would have no problem with a simple verbal statement to customers PRIOR to purchase stating that there are no refunds allowed. Information on the back of a receipt is information passively provided AFTER the purchase transaction has concluded.


No store clerk anywhere stands there and tells you the return policy. FYI I found this thread because I was looking for information on their return policy PRIOR to going to their store.

This is what a smart shopper does. Whining about it after the fact because you made assumptions is rediculous.